20 gallon long saltwater?

i am moving my 2 snails from a 10 gallon saltwater to a 20 gallon long saltwater i didnt even add saline to the 20 long yet but a couple of question i need to ask will i obligation a protien skimmer and why and what are some good fish that can jump with them and im not a newbee at this i know what im doing so im not going to receive clownfish or falseclowns i want to get something different for a convert and where can i buy some nice reef things close to live rock and corals any online stores?
Answers: Try this site.
While you are there check out a GOOD cleaner crew, 2 snails are no where on earth neer enough, even for a 10 gal.
If you are looking for Corals surrounded by the future, Make sure the fish you bring are REEF SAFE and I would make sure that you own at least 5 or more wats of lighting per gallon.
A Skimmer is other a good hypothesis, I run tanks near both skimmer and no skimmer and the ones with the skimmer are other easier to take safekeeping of.

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