Accidently give tropical fish goldfish food, will they be ok? Read details too?

Tonight I accidentally gave my single tropical fish (Small fish) goldfish food (flakes). I get rid of 95% of the flakes within 5 minutes. At first, surrounded by a hurry I put my hand within and got the big flakes near my hand, later I used a net. My hand had be washed 30 minutes previously, will enjoy putting my hands contained by the fish tank spoil the fish?
Answers: As long as you don't really grab the fish and bring out its slime then it is fine :) . Slime aid them to be able to combat disease and higher immune against them.
Actually you can nurture them mostly anything, just not too abandoned about it.
Last time I look at it, goldfish and tropical fish flake look exchangeable and if you look at the ingredient and like 98% like .
I mostly feed my tropical fish dry Brine shrimp, somehow they don't really approaching Flake o_O .
its ok.. it wont hurt your tropical fish to eat goldfish flakes. There isnt much difference anyways.

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