10 Gallon Tank?

i'm new fish owner. merely recieved a 10 gallon fish tank. what type of fish would you reccomend? i want fish i.e. pretty hardy and will not die on me a week after i get it. i am start to any ideas. any other extra information would be greatly appreciated as economically. thanks!
Answers: Good grief. Where shall I commence?!?

The type of fish that will do well contained by your tank depends upon a few things. First, what type of filter do you enjoy? There are undergravel filters and the type that hang over the side of the tank, a power filter.

If you hold a power filter, there is no have need of to cycle your tank. It is not filter biologically so don't waste your time.

If you hold an undergravel filter, although the fishless cycling article was interesting, it will cycle again anyways when you introduce fish.

Temperature. If your reservoir can be kept below 65 degrees, you would be importantly successful at keeping goldfish, a coldwater fish. There are also a couple of freshwater "tropical" fish which prefer the cooler water temps, such as danios. If you can save your tank at a steady 74-76 degree, then tropical is the bearing to go.

DO NOT mix cold river and tropical fish. Their temp requirements are different enough that they will not do in good health in the opposite's environment. Some will survive, but they will not thrive.

Fish. You own your livebearers and your egglayers.

Livebearers include: guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails.

EggLayers include: danios, tetras, barbs, gouramis, cichlids, and cory cats.

Of course nearby are several others, in both, but I index the popular ones.

To begin a container, it is best to start with the hardiest fish -- egglayers. Livebearers are much more fragile, and the ammonia cycle a cistern goes through is much harder on them than on egglayers.

In the egglayers, nearby are some that are hardier than the others. The best ones to start with are Glo-Lite tetras, lemon tetras, congo tetras, zebra danios (the cheapest and toughest!), cherry barb, and you could do serpae tetras and tiger barbs, but these finishing two can become aggressive and your tank is a bit small for that!

IF you have an undergravel filter and are as a result using biological filtration, once your tank does cycle -- 6-8 weeks -- you can incorporate some of the nice livebearers. I would start with platies. They are colorful and a moral starter.

Undergravel filters -- I would be jovial to explain how they work if you are interested. You can e-mail me direct at tristatepets@YAH00.com

My name is Kim and I enjoy been keeping and raise fish for 40-1/2 years! (gosh, I feel old) I hold managed pet stores, and owned my own for several years. I raise angelfish and rams and sold them to sustain pay my style through college. I learned from an angelfish breeder whom I be referred to at the ripe old age of NINE when I looked-for to learn how to do things correctly. He is still a mentor to me.
some guppies and neons

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