A tiny bit of a tropical problem?

for a tropical tank containing fry is 23 degrees'C'
the reliable temp. or should i increase it to 24??

oh and one more entry, if i change the hose down completely and
not use the chlorine removing thing instead hold on to the filter on
for hours or a day, would it be nontoxic for the fry?? (im not going to
use the chlorine removing liquid because the petshop owner told me not
to use that since i get fry, who are 2 weeks 5 days old)

oh and by the way, the hose is really dirty, so i need to adjustment it.
Answers: 1. 24*C is probably the ideal temp.

2. NEVER do a full on river change. It'll shock the fish - and, because they're fry - the shock will probably wipe out them.

3. Adding untreated water to a reservoir that has a filter running contained by it, is counter-productive. The chlorine in the dampen will kill the germs (AND, it's harmful to fish), which funds the fry will be forced to go through the cycle beside the tank - and probably not survive.

4. Water clarity isn't a sign of marine QUALITY. It can be really cloudy - so cloudy you can't see the fish - but as long as ammonia and nitrite are 0 and nitrAte is less that 40ppm, the water's fine. Likewise, it can be crystal clear - and enjoy an ammonia reading to 2ppm - which will kill the fish. If the dampen is cloudy, it'll be either algae, or a bacterial bloom - neither of which will mar the fish. If you've tested the water and hold positive results for ammonia and/or nitrite (worrying - in a cistern with fry) you'll want to carry out a 25% hose change - and KEEP varying 15% per day it until the test show NO ammonia and NO nitrite.

If you're still unsure about the marine, test it, and metamorphosis 25%. NO MORE THAN 25%

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