10 gallon betta cistern?

i have a ten gallon reservoir that im ready to put to upright use. im thinking about getting 4 feminine betta fish and putting them together. the websites that i've read says that womanly bettas can live together and is that true? and how many hiding spot and other stuff would i want for them? thanks and is 4 a accurate number for that tank also:) gratitude again
Answers: Yes females do fine together. I would recommend putting lots of plants in the cistern which will give them plenty of hiding places, bettas do powerfully in a planted cistern. They are a rather huge fish for a 10gal though so you may want to limit it to 3 instead of 4.

As far as cleaning the reservoir just rinse it thoroughly. If you get it from a yard mart you don't know what it may have come contained by contact with and want to formulate sure you remove any residue. Don't use any type of soap or other cleaner as it can be hazardous to the fish. If you feel you stipulation to disinfect it you can use a 10% bleach solution (just regular bleach no scented, color protected, gel or anything else fancy) and then rinse it terrifically well. If you do this trade name sure you use dechlorinater to make sure adjectives the residue is gone. In the end as cheap as 10gal tank are (under $10) you may just want to shift by a new reservoir and start fresh.

Edit: yes bettas are tropical fish you would need a boiler
females are almost as agressive as males(sometimes even moreso) its just the males are used for the crule sport(you can guess what) but i wouldnt reccomend it for warfare and space issues. only win a single male or female(males are better looking)

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