A couple more question something like my fishies.?

I currently have a blackmoor and a fantail contained by a 20 gallon. I know it's too small for them but they are about one to two inches respectively right now and I am planning on putting them surrounded by a pond in the spring. Is within anything I can put in the cistern right now as they are small and I plan to move them out within the spring? I really want to get some tetras as capably as a small pleco (if there is such a thing) I don`t know some others depending on what you all muse i could get contained by there comfortably. I know those fish require stove temps so i am not sure if that can be put together.

Also I was wondering how philosophical a pond has to be for it not to completely freeze contained by the winter? I live in canada and it can acquire as cold as -40 degrees celcius.

Any lend a hand would be appreciated! thx
Answers: Goldfish are cold water fish so you can't make the addition of tropicals with them or someone will be miserable. Your pond would have to be terrifically deep, resembling more than 6 ft for fish to be able to survive surrounded by it for the winter and then they requirement to be Koi not common goldfish. Your goldfish will obligation to come in since the weather gets to freezing. You can buy a small electric fire that will keep an break open spot in a pond but it's still not suitable for goldfish.

I hold a couple of tetra's in my goldfish cistern and they seem to do alright but I put them within there contained by the summer when the water be really too warm for the goldfish and they appear to have acclimatized themselves. The goldfish reservoir ranges from 68 to 72 degrees most of the winter. I tried a pleco and it be fine all summer but died in the order of November. I was told it would acclimatize but apparently that wasn't so.

Oh righteousness, to be honest, and I'm the only one answering your cross-examine in 35 minutes, I would strongly suggest rethinking this strategy of yours. First of adjectives, I'm not sure that a black more and a fan tail belong within a pond (especially when it gets to -40!) please someone correct me here if I'm wrong? and I don't know almost the pleco, so I can't tell you to bring back more fish or not, but I made a mistake once of putting a small school of fish surrounded by my tank (neon tetras, 5 of them) next to my goldfish and cavefish which I keep at a steady 75 degree and they all died within the first 2 weeks. So I would say, no no no and do some research because our ignorance (yours and mine) are not do to fish. I'm glad you're here asking though which means you watchfulness and want to do the right thing, I individual hope someone here can answser in more detail why/ why not to do this and I can individual suggest to google a bit more about this for the best interest of the fish.
I do know though that you can sort a pond and have fish that will final the winter (sorry I don't know how deep or the type of goldfish, but I really don't cogitate it's the kind you enjoy now). I hope you get more info here and devout luck! :-)
P.S. They say 10gal per goldfish and some utter 20. If I were you, approaching I did with my 14 gal, keep watch on them grow, keep the wet clean and see how it go. If you're really wanting some tropical fish, get a separate cistern and don't overcrowd and get a oven. That's if you have the opportunity. But trust me about not adding up more to what you have and don't breed the same stressful mistake I did.
I really hold no idea just about the pond but my guess would at least several meters vast to avoid freezing at those temperatures.

As far as your goldfish progress you can not mix tetras or a pleco with them or any other fish really excluding goldfish but once you move them you could have a nice community reservoir with some tetras and other fish if you draw from a heater.

Common plecos bring very ample so if you decide to take one,once the goldfish are gone make sure it is a smaller type that won't outgrow your container or try some of the small catfish like cories or upside down catfish instead for the bottom.
Well the fish you want are tropical and can't stir with fantails and moors, I would recommend some white clouds. They accomplishment similarly to neons and are equally cool looking, they withstand colder temperatures and institution as well. This is what I would do.

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