Air pump, nouns stone and tubing sound out?

First off, how heaps air stones should I own in an 18 gallon container? Second, what size pump should I have? Third, how does the pump, tubing and nouns stones all fit together. I enjoy three goldfish books and they dont really explain it.
Thanks for you help!
Answers: you should achieve a air pump for a 20 gallon container..and it doesnt matter how oodles air stones you achieve..its up to you..there are different designs depending on what look you mull over you'll like best..however it is nice to enjoy a good amount of nouns in the reservoir. As far as assembling will put the sirstone within the tank (underwater) one termination of the tube attaches to the air stone and the other run out of the tube attaches to an outlet on the air pump..the atmosphere pump is going to sit on the outside of the tank and plug into an electrical outlet.
ask the guy or girl surrounded by the pet store, its easy. a small pump and 2 nouns stones is plenty

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