A worthy Saltwater PH stabilizer?

i have aph problem setting up my sw and i hhave single live rock and live sand for now but it be 7.4 then i put some stuff surrounded by there this stablizer stuff. and it made it 8.8! what sw ph stabilizer will trademark it a good 8.1-8,4
Answers: Mine used to approaching to hang around 7.8. The best piece I've found to use is kalkwasser. This is a white powder that you mix yourself. It's highly penetrating, so be careful when handling, and if you carry any on your skin, brush (rather than wash) it off.

All you stipulation to do is mix a spoonful or two with dampen in a verbs soda bottle (don't worry going on for the exact amount - any excess will settle to the bottom) and add surrounded by small doses (I use a capful at a time for a 10 gallon tank) and only make a payment about 1-2 capfuls a daylight per 10 gallons till you get the pH where on earth you want it. Then, you only requirement to add in the order of a capful per 5 gallons of replacement water when you do a hose change or top past its sell-by date. Be sure to add the wet to the tank slowly. I use another soda bottle beside airline tubing and a flow valve to dose the cistern - fill the bottle next to freshwater to top off for evaporation, and join a capful of the kalkwasser mix to this - the water siphons into my filter and take a while to empty so the modify is more gradual.

Once you get close to the bottom of your "mixing" bottle, simply add more marine and more of the kalkwasser powder will dissolve.

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