125 gallon cistern?

dont hesitat to answer. i ask many question about my cistern i dont even have but. but if lets enunciate i had 5grand save up would that be enough to re enforcee my floors and seize a 125 fully equipped be discriptive please and its crushing if i can house my arowana and have to hold him in a 40 gallon untill he dies
Answers: As for your query about reinforcing the floor. A 125 gallon container will require a floor that will hold about 110 pounds per square foot. If your floor is made out of 2 x 8 at two foot spacing adjectives you would need to do is join in two more 2 x8 underneath your tank to support its shipment. So if this is for a first floor crawl space you can do it yourself for a little over a $100 flowing. Get a 20 ton jack two 2 x 8 and some blocks. nail the 2x8 to the joist that are already there. Make sure they are the full length. Use the blocks to beef up directly underneath the tank. The Jack is so that you can engineer a little clearance when sliding the joist and blocks within place.

If it is a second floor job after you will be looking a a couple of grand at lowest. Now you might consider building a platform to put the tank on. b uild it bigger afterwards then bottom of the container. About 3x the size. Place the tank within the middle. This will help to spread out the freight. So instead of 110 pound per sqft you will have a more likely 40 pounds. It might not be practical but something to think around.

Good luck

You can email me and let me know exactly what you are dealing next to and maybe I can present more ideas.
Where do you live ? On the ground floor or upper floor ? What type of floor do you hold ? Then ... also do you rent or own your house or apartment ? You have to consider adjectives of these questions. A fish container with everything on it can draw from very cloying...Also are you getting an acrylic or glass reservoir ? An arowana fish can grow very hulking, they need a life-size tank.
A 125 gallon or larger would be nice ...length is better than plane. The Arowana fish loves to swim. Yo should shop around ...some catalogs have discounts, sometimes Petsmart own sale ...most probably you should check within those large fish stores (in the Chinatown area) ...they can afford to lower their prices because they get things in bulk.
You own to get the container, sand or pebbles, decorations (plants etc.), filters, heaters ...etc.etc.
So shop around to procure an idea what you should be paying. Prices oscillate according to the area where on earth you live (I think).
have you tried ebay they hold good tank or pets smart

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