I focus my guppy is pregnant...Help?

I bought what I thought were 3 masculine Fancy Tail guppies. I guess one was a feminine, because this morning when I went to nurture my fish, (s)he was sorta bloated looking. I'm tentative to fish, & I really don't want to have to buy and sell with pregnant fish. What should I do?
Answers: Bloated looking could be due to overfeeding or disease. Just look below the stomach and if you can find a short sharp piece of flesh, then it's a mannish. You could compare with the other 2 males that you hold.
If it's female and pregnant, what you can do is to put in some floating plants so that the newly hatch guppy fries hold a chance of surviving by hiding.

If it's dropsy, you will see the enormity open up. You could buy dropsy medication and seperate the fish out for treatment but the chance of recovering is low.
The perfect news is that you do not enjoy to do anything. The guppies will take trouble of themselves. The bad word is that guppies are like rabbits. You can be in motion from two to fifty in a extremely short period of time.

So be prepared to make a contribution them away, or get a bigger aquarium. One other alternative, that I discovered by chance, is aquarium frogs. Most fish stores sell these small frogs that live surrounded by the water full time. They suspend out on the bottom of the tank, for the most segment, and they are fun to watch. They also guzzle guppies. So you get population control. There are fish that are carnivorous as capably.
If she gives birth within the tank adjectives the fish, including her..will eat them. If you want to maintain that babies they have a moment or two "tank" that you place inside the bigger tank to protect them.
gravid spot and a bigger belly are the best signs
the following association should help you to determine if you own a female guppy and if it is pregnant

And if she's pregnant you hold no plants in your container, the fry will be eaten

hope that help
good luck

hey relax, you don't necessitate to do much!

you don't need to do anything to her, its okay as long as nearby are shelters and food provided for her.

but if you wanna take supervision of the fries too (which are also easy) you can separate the female into another vegetate tank, where on earth she'll deliver safely contained by there.

devout luck
put her in a separate bowl or container so when he lay the males will not eat the eggs
you don't enjoy to do anything but watch.
it does nouns like it's pregnant.
you in recent times wait, it will lay a huge number of eggs on something close to a leaf if you hold one in here. the fish will be very protective over the eggs and so should the dad cos the other fish tend to try to put away them. as soon as the eggs are layed till they hatch the mother and farther will be quite vicious.
when they hatch they will dangle around eachother and the parents and they will grow. in till they are a trustworthy size the fish will stop trying to eat them cos they will be too big.

this happen to my two angel fish. but i had ALOT of other fish surrounded by the tank and none of them survived out of the hundrends of eggs that here was..
and they've be pregnant about 3 times.

hope i help! sorry for the long answer.

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