Albino Ruby Shark.?

I'd like to catch one for my community tank... are they drastically aggressive??
I have cardinal tetras, platies, a dwarf gourami, 2 albino cory cats and a betta. (and back anyone says, I've have the betta in in attendance for nearly a year now and he's fine beside the other fish...)

My pet shop has told me they are fine within a community tank, but I thought I'd check beside you guys...

Answers: All of the fresh water "shark" species are a funny bunch.

They grow pretty big, although slowly (some to around 12")

Most of the shark species are totally unrelated too.

Personally i'd avoid them, their very aggrerssive (hence their name) their too big, they scavange too closely too.

If your looking for an interesting community fish thats a bottom feeder i have a few suggestiongs.

kuhli loach - a tiger striped worm similar to fish, grows to about 4", will verbs in your gravel, hold its own next to your current fish, and their fun to watch.

Keep them within groups of 3 - 6, they like to tie themselves contained by knots together.

Panda corys - corys - that look, extraordinarily enough, close to pandas.

Their more active after normal corys, their the fun to breed, and adjectives in adjectives, pretty hardy.

twig catfish - a member of the sucker catfish household (or they used to be, its all a short time confusing in that respect nowadays) but vastly long, very cracked fish. (get to about 6") hold a very long muzzle.

Whiptail Cat - Same thing, but in need the big nose, but grow impressively long fins.

Bristle nose catfish - Little version of plecos that will happily breed surrounded by the community, and you can sell the fry to your LFS as everyone requirements these fish.

Zebra pleco - The real show stopper! their uncommon, their expensive, they dont eat much algae, but they stay underneath 4" and are the most striking fish in the species

All none predatory, docile fish. great choices for a community/

Best of luck next to it all
Craig Jackson
what size cistern do you have? ruby sharks, or the rainbow shark, stipulation a minimum of 35 US gallons and can be territorial, i personally wouldn't risk one near your corys. ruby sharks tend to stick to the bottom areas of the tank and may not lift kindly to an innocent cory bumbling into his nouns. larger catfish and loaches can probably tough it out, but once he's larger than the corys he'd likely bully them. he would also devour any livebearer fry he came across.

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