Cichlid not drinking?

Well, i got a topical cichlid from petco the other day, so im not sure what generous. but he pretty active. he be too small to eat the live fish so i bought the sinkin cichlid attack! grnules impose h hang out on the bottom alot. what should i do?
Answers: If you freshly got it a few days ago,next it's normal for a fish to not drink right away,just hold on to on trying at feeding time and remove any food to be precise uneaten after a few minutes so it doesn't mess up your water.

You should also try to determine what cichlid you own so you will know what it's requirements for housing and food are,it's never a good notion to buy a fish if you don't know what it is.
Try giving him regular flakes or shrimp pellets. My two cichlids love the shrimp pellet. Also, they soften up really quick. The fish might need something really lantern.

Or unfortunatly it's sick.
Did you purchase an Oscar? If so, try feeding it plain flakes.

O's are unbelievably interesting fish because they get picky something like their feeding conditions. It is possible that the fish get used to the same store creature feeding it, mabye it get used to the generic food they feed adjectives their fish.

If it doesn't eat after two and a partially weeks, then you can ofically start to attain worried. sometimes they have to practically starve up to that time accepting new foods.

if you enjoy purchased an Oscar i highly recommend that you do some reading so that you can bear good thoroughness of your friend! good luck!

If it isn't an Oscar, it's any an African cichlid, jack dempsey, or angelfish. These Cichlids are very commonly sold at petco.

Wow-e I don't know what you said but... If your cichlid is not intake, then try feed him at a different time. Cichlids usually come out more at night, so nurture him right before you turn the lights out. He may not resembling the food you're giving him... I give my cichlids TetraColor flakes (first link) because they like them better than the cichlid flakes (second link). Good Luck!
Well, first you need to do some research on some fish websites (I'll post a relationship for you) and find out exactly what you have. Then you call for to make sure that you own a big enough reservoir and good ample filtration for it. You'll also need to find out the correct pH and sea temp for it. Then you'll also find out what is best for it to be eating (probably floating cichlid pellets).

Now most fish run through a time of adjustment so not eating for the first time or two is not totally uncommon. But you do entail to get it to put away and that usually just comes unprocessed with them getting used to a topical tank and environment. You can buy a few different kind of food like flakes, floating pellet, sinking pellets, brine shrimp, etc. If you hold an oscar you can also make them your own food at home which is a upright, and it's important to preserve their diet varied. Oscars will also guzzle insects, worms, crawfish, but it's good to hang on to them on a good diet of pellet food.

So I yearning you well next to your new fish, a moment ago please find out what it is and do your reasearch so you can make sure you embezzle care of it properly.

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