About fishy's please answer this.?

How can you can yoou tell if a fish is a boy or girl, and can they see if so can they see color, one second thing can they hear you from outside their cistern. Thanks
Answers: Intropical fish the girls have two fins on the bottom.The boys enjoy two little fins and one long point behind the small fins.Do not know roughly gold fish.
yes, fish can see, and they can see contained by color.
sexing a fish largely depends on what type the fish is. most of the time, you will look at the anal fin for sexing. sharper, longer, more pointed anal fins are a characteristic of a manly fish in oodles breeds. a more rounded anal fin is a characteristic of a feminine in tons breeds. (the anal fin is the one on their belly, not their back. the one on their wager on is the dorsal.) the best example of this would be the guppy breed. it shows you many ways to sex fish. contained by guppies, pointed and rounded anal fins are very in plain sight. also, colors differ from male to womanly. in plentiful breeds, females tend to be the ones that are very dull, and the males deeply bright. good examples of this are bettas and guppies.
surrounded by many breeds though, it is nearly impossible to narrate them apart unless you are very experienced fish guardian. in however other breeds, it really is impossible to tell them apart.
for your concluding question, yes they can hear you from outside the container. this is why many fish act in response when you walk into the house, and into their room because they can hear you.

Hope this help.
That depends entirely on the fish type itself. For some fish it is very difficult to detail the differences between the sex of the fish. Fish cannot "Hear" they can feel the vibrations thru their lat chain which runs down either side of the fish.

I would suggest reposting beside the type of fish you have (fresh or salt) and we can oblige you from there.

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