"humanly euthanize guppies?"?

So it's come down to it, Tuberculosis. How do you "humanly euthanize" guppies? Flush? Sniff, sniff, tear.
(No smarty pant, please).
Answers: In my opinion - flushing and freezing are cruel and inhumane. Dumping the fish contained by the toilet subjects the fish to chlorine and ammonia that are in your slap water and afterwards are exposed to all the toxins contained by the sewer lines. Freezing causes the blood to slowly crystalize, and loss is very slow.

I use a product call "Finquel". It is a fish anesthetic that slowly makes your fish drowsy and afterwards kills it near an overdose.

I have also used clove grease and my fish didn't struggle at all, so I would approaching to believe that this too was a relaxing end.

And I own also quickly cut stale their heads. While that may nouns cruel, death is direct, less than a second after removal from the river. It's very hastily and painless, and that's what we are trying to achieve.

Edit: Thanks for the trellis link.
Put them surrounded by a baggie of water and put it surrounded by the freezer.
Their body just shuts down as they carry cold, and then they die.
Any poison that you could put contained by the water would result in a not so nice death.
Put them contained by a container of water and put it into the freezer. They'll shift into a dormant state and pass away. Supposedly painless to them. I have to do it to a betta once and it's not fun but better than the big flush.

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