30g aquarium stocking?

i am stocking my 30g aquarium with tetras, corys, and danios. The prices at Petsmart give the impression of being a lil high. I want 15 neon tetras which will cost $30..huh?lol and 4 cory cats will cost give or take a few $13. and i dont even know about the longfin zebra danios.

are these prices likely? or are they ripping me off? should i try a local mom and pop store first to see if they own lower prices? or even a reduced price for buying certain numbers of one loving of fish?
Answers: Chain stores have the cheapest fish. Most mom and pop stores prices are more expensive simply because they are usually buying complex quality fish. If you aren't feeling like to put the money into your fish, you shouldn't have a cistern. Sounds harsh, but you inevitability to be willing to spend money if you want your fish to be forceful. I would recommend the mom and pop stores, they pay more attention to competence. I hardly ever buy my fish at tie up stores if I can help it. Many mom and pop stores commonly have deal if you buy several of one type of fish. Search around and look for the best prices, you can even just phone up around. Good luck!
well the appear ok to me

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Where are you buying these? I suggest Petco, Petsmart, PetGoods, chain stores supply fish for VERY cheap.

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