82 F okay for fish contained by reservoir?

I just checked the thermometer and it say the temp. is about 82F. Will my fishes be okay? I guess I don't call for to buy a heater after adjectives, I think the standard lamp is causing the cistern to get that heat up... but besides the side info... will my tropical community fishes be okay?
Answers: my tanks are adjectives between 78-82 degrees, so the warmth is basically fine
But you will still necessitate a heater surrounded by the night, because any big fluctations close to 4-6 degrees individual stresses your fish out and they might die
also you're only suppose to hang on to the light on for 10-12 hours and turn it past its sell-by date at night for 12-14 hours

Hope that help
good luck

A little on the tip off side,I used to keep mine nearly 74-76F

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