10-20 platy fry contained by 10 gallon cistern Over-ran near nemotoads?

Nemotoads are those white silk looking worms, very small. I devise the fry are eating the smaller ones. How do I find rid of them? Should I remove my fry? My filter is not running because i dont wanna lose any fry, and these nemotoads just took over, any give a hand?
Answers: throw the nematoads into the yard, they are virtuous for the grass.
well when the fry capture larger they should start eating the nemotoads, any how if you remove your fry you could but a larger fish within the tank to guzzle the nemotoads or try scooping out the things, honestly i dont know the full extent of your situation so i couldnt tell you if when the fry grow that they'll drink them but hey they might

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