4 Paty's In A 10 Gallon Tank?

How Long Before I Should Be Getting Fry? 1 Female Ive Had For A While, And Her Stomach Is Really Big. I Bought 3 More From Walmart And They Seem So Small Compared To My Outher, But Any-way 2 Males 2 Females, Also The Tank Has No Heater So Will This Slow It Down? The Reason Im Breeding Is To Feed My New White And Orange Oscar, Dose Anybody Know The Name Foor THis Oscar? Are Platys A Good Diet For The Oscar? He Is In 55 Gallon White My Angel And Pelco. I Added A Sick Looking Platy (the calico ones i can neverget to live) And He Ate It In No Time, He Spit Half Back Out Then Ate It Later. Will He Grow Faster Eating Live Fish?
Answers: Your oscar is an albino tiger oscar.
Births are about a month apart.
You merely need one manly to @ 10 females.
Heat will help.

Oscar will love live food and grow much in good health.
When large he will put away bits of hot dog from your hand.

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