A friend of mine is hooked beside watching fish contained by a fish reservoir hours on wrapping up he is 28yo?

Answers: Whats the question? I am one and the same way, and hold been since I couldn't put your foot and my mom used to put me in front of their fish cistern to keep me inert, I would sit there peacefully for hours freshly watching them. Now I have tons tanks and will habitually find myself just sitting at hand watching the fish for hours. There is something very relaxing and comforting about it. If you interview is if this is normal, I'd hold to say yes, but if that is to say what your asking, your asking in a severely bias forum.
What is wrong? For those who have no aquarium until that time, they'd not understand. Do you know that sitting surrounded by front of the tank and watching the fishes swimming is remarkably relaxing? It is extra calming and relaxing after a long concrete day at work. Leave your friend alone. He is newly trying to de-stress admiring the fishes.

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