A source for QUALITY goldfish breeding stock?

I've got satisfactory space and cash for roughly speaking five 29 gallon tanks and seven 20 illustrious tanks or five 20 long tank. Not for professional purposes, just a hobby. I will probably go on eBay and Aqua Bid most of the fish. I Also plan to eventually get some larger tank as well. What I necessitate are better than average quality fish. Thanks.
Answers: This is the best source for dignified quality goldfish contained by my opinion.

Aquabid.com repeatedly has some moral quality goldfish.
For goldfish, I would try looking around this site, especially the links nouns:


Also check for local fish clubs in your nouns for other types of fish or goldfish.
The only moral source I can give you is Drs. Foster and Smith (http://www.liveaquaria.com). They enjoy been surrounded by the aquarium business since 1983 and have lived by their promises: improved aquatic life span, quality aquarium products and world class service.

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