Are my mollies mate?

I just added some feminine black and balloon mollies to my tank, next to 4 male dalmation mollies surrounded by there as powerfully. As soon as the females got contained by the tank today, the males started to bite the females anal areas, and chase them beside their gonopodium sticking out. I'm pretty sure they're mating, am I right?

P.S. The females be NOT pregnant when I got them.
Answers: Yes and No.

The males will probably do this for several hours a afternoon for the rest of their tank enthusiasm together. The males are always trying to mate beside the females, it's just what they do. The females will just breed when the time is right, and honestly don't want to be messed with the majority of the time. Don't verbs though, this is normal and thriving.

You will get used to seeing this deeply. The good trial is your males are healthy if they are trying to breed!
There is a correct chance that they are mate. Is the male getting close to her and consequently sticking his gonopodium up at her, if so I would bet on it that they are mating. Congratulations!

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