Tropical fish??

I work in a pet store and I commonly own questions nearly which fish can go beside which.
I was wondering if someone could confer me a compatibility list for fish including
clown loaches, neons, sharks, angelfish, chloridoras, ciclids, guppies, mollies, gouramis, silver dollas, and more!

Thank-you so much for your time and I really appreciate it!
Answers: In my 55 gallon I own 5 silver dollars and 3 lace cats!
In my 40 gallon I have three parrot and 2 angels and 2 high fin bull sharks!
I hold clown fish and an african knife within anither 40 !
I also have seven other aquariums!
Sometimes you will enjoy to use trial & error!
thats a lot of fish to account here. the best bet would be for you to read through many of the fish profile sites out at hand for your info. as you work in a pet store, please other recommend people to UNDERstock and not overstock their tank! And to base their different fish on adult size to container size, not the size they are now beside view to upgrade, upgrading never works out!

heres one for instance:
Angelfish - minimum 30 US gallon towering tank for one, must not be kept near fish 1" and under (including neon tetras) as they will become Angel food!

hold look at the links below.
What ever you do i would never put Zebra Danios with Guppies. I thought that it would be ok to put them together but soon the Zebra started to munch through the guppies fins and tails past its sell-by date to the point that they would die. Guppies should be kept alone or with smaller fish.

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