African Cichlids?

I'm trying to get a cistern of African Cichlids up and running for my husband. I have markedly little experience with fish, but hold done a little bit of research. I enjoy a 29 gallon tank beside a heater (It's 79 degrees). The ph of my hose down is about 8.2, and I enjoy gravel, some artificial plants, and a lot of substantial rock for them to hide within. I had the container up and running with no fish contained by it for about 3 weeks up to that time I got the fish. Last week I get 11 small africans and put them in the container after acclimating them, and they all died surrounded by the last 2 days. They didn't appear to be sick, looked healthy, and be eating some flake food and brine shrimp. I'm going to pocket a water taste and a couple of the fish back to the pet shop to enjoy them checked, but would like some input. My husband have had cichlids contained by the past (lost them surrounded by his divorce), and I'm trying to get a foreign tank up and running as a surprise for him. I'm getting pretty frustrated near it, though.
Answers: First, that's way too various for that size tank. Some will influence it's ok to slightly overstock a tank near Africans, but I wouldn't have more later 4 or 5 tops in your cistern, and that may be pushing it. Depending on what types of AFricans you're getting, they usually grow to at least 6 inches.

Another article, you should research the care requriements for the fish. A lot of Africans should enjoy a mostly vegetable diet, like spirulina flakes, veggie crisps, algae wafers, and no more after once a week or two brine shrimp or other protein source. I believe it's the Malawi cichlids-could be wrong, but too much protein can cause bloat/dropsy contained by them.

You're fish most likely died from ammonia poisoning, especially since adjectives of them died. You need to cycle your reservoir first. Here's a link that explains what i.e., it's the first article. The second article talks nearly ammonia poisoning, read that one over and check the symptoms:

Your ph is great for them, they'll love it. Temp is good. Just requirement to get yourself a tryout kit so you can monitor the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate level.

And, I have a are you setting up a tank short your husband seeing it lol?
It sounds like your container wasn't cycled properly, so you fish died of ammonia poisoning.
Here's a site to get you through the cycling process.
BTW, if you can, find a fish store, not a pet store. They tend to be more educated, and have in good health fish.
Good luck.
Oh, and that's way too copious fish for your tank size.
The reservoir is too small for that many fish! Those fish can obtain pretty big and unless you plan on upsizing the tank I wouldn't win more than 2. Your amonia level is probably to soaring. Do a few water change and you should be good to be in motion!

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