35 gallons for two goldfish?

i have an oranda and a ryukin, both juvenile. i am keeping them surrounded by a ten gallon for the time being, but i would really similar to to get them a bigger cistern and use my ten gallon for tropical fish, as i really enjoy the hobby of fish keeping. i enjoy found a used 35 gallon tank for a apt price, is this a good size for the two goldfish? or should i buy something bigger?
Answers: A accurate general rule of thumb is to hold at least one gallon of river for every inch of fish. I think that the 35 gallon aquarium should be fine, even considering that the fish are general, not just long.

Note: This rule works a obedient percent of the time not always. It depends on the gentle of fish and a number of other variables. Your fish will be fine though.
I also similar to to keep fish and would read out that 35 gallons is plenty big enough for 2 fish. I hold 35 gallons and have nearly 10 fish in it including a 9-10 inch pleco and although i will eventually involve something bigger they are doing fine right now.

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