How much to ask for this?

I've got a 20gal soaring fish tank, including solid oak stand, sand substrate (about 2-3 inches deep), filter, radiator, thermometer, hood w/light, fake plants, castle thingy w/air pump for bubbles, fish food, chemicals, and network, plus fish. How much would you take for that? I'm have a hard time coming up beside a price.
Answers: You'd be lucky to get $75.00. I know it's worth more than that, but used fish tank are hard to trade.
depends how old and the condition.

let say delicately used... thenaround 50-70 dollars without fish.

Fish does modify it alittle depending on thetype and number of fish.
Start at $250.00 O.B.O it depends on how quick you want to put up for sale. Askfor 275.00 to 300.00 if you don't care if you trade or not or drop the price to 225.00 or less for quicker Dutch auction.

Depends on where you are also. In Alberta we hold one of the best aquatic communities contained by North America and the prices for used equiment are achievable here as programmed above. Visit Alberta Aquatica. Signing up is free and you can buy and sell used equipment on the free classifieds.

You should enjoy communities like AA contained by your area and are not not easy to find on google.
I would try to sell for 200 or best bestow, put it on ebay and maybe it will jump even higher consequently that!

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