After doing a river changeover i found a honest few remarkably small white worm approaching things floating around contained by my container?

my fish are in another cistern just in a minute cleaned the gravel out too but when i put the new sea in thats when i found them floating is it protected too put my fish back contained by the tank
i enjoy seen some other similar question some some very difirent answers but simply want to be sure as i may well enjoy them in the other cistern too
Answers: Probably just non-hazardous planaria. My guppy tank have a bad baggage some time ago. Cutting back on the amount you nurture your fish will do two things to clear them up. First, it will cut off the planarians' food supply. Second, it will motivate your fish to chomp through the little buggers.
um the white worm might be poop ? Or something like that.
But if it is worm try verbs every speck in the cistern use a sponge.
if you take your fish out of the reservoir then you are not cleanning it right that instrument is hard on the fish and remove some of the things the fish involve in the container the worms are common and i focus you will find your answers here please more about cleanning your container and its upkeep

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