10 gal reservoir?

i have a 10 gal reservoir thats been cycled already what type of fish should i put within it i want hardy fish but with some color to them and i dont want tetras so can u please counsel me on what fish to get
Answers: Well, you could return with a Betta, but not much is accepted as a tank-mate to them.

10g is a bit small, so a lot of fish aren't suitable for that. Guppies & platies are colorful & a bit hardy, perhaps you could look into getting a couple of those.
Easiest are the livebearers. Mollies, platies, guppies, swordtail. 1" of fish per gallon. Mollies and swordtails grow moderately large so if you want to maximise your number of fish stick next to fancy guppies.

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