Adding Glowlight Tetra's to cistern. Query near stocking/suitability?

Hi All,

I have some Neon (5 Neon's) and Red Eye Tetra's (4 Red Eye's) surrounded by my tank. I saw some Glowlight Tetra's surrounded by my local fish store recently and be thinking about tallying some. Will they get on ok beside the Neon and Red Eye's? I know they are a schooling fish and I was thinking give or take a few adding 5 Glowlights.

Thanks surrounded by advance :)
Answers: You never said how big your container is. I have never see red eye tetras nor heard of them, but i hold my glowlight tetras in beside my neon tetras.

They are really great tetras, i have have tetras for about a year and the neons where on earth a nightmare and kept dying, but i have never have a dead glowlight. Strange when i enjoy never had a problem next to water competence :P

For the amount of fish you say in that you would want atleast 60 litres of water. (i construe this is 10 gallons but im not sure)
if your tank is 2` or longer they will be fine.if these are adjectives the fish you have you may consider some `corydoras` (dwarf)catfish they stay mostley on the bottom and would tag on intrest to your tank.they will stay contained by a small group,if you watch their eyes they appear to wink at you.
hope this help

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