5 G stocking undertaking?

I have bought a 5 G Hex cistern for my nephew for Christmas and want some stocking suggestions.
I definitely want several dwarf frogs. My other thoughts are guppies and a beta.None of my books are long-suffering with a 5 G set up. Please advocate. Thx!
Answers: Ghapy & Serena both give upright advice. May I append that if the hex tank is an "adjectives inclusive under the hood" model, it is most plausible missing a heater. All tropical fish, including Bettas, require a kiln.
I have two 5-gallon planted aquariums, respectively with a Betta, shrimp and snails. The shrimp and snails not solely add interest to the reservoir, but keep it verbs of leftover food and algae.
Some plants, a betta and a few dwarf frogs would be nice and stuff up the tank. The alternative is a few dwarf frogs and a few guppies. But the reservoir isn't big enough for both the betta and the guppies.

If you prefer on the betta, introduce the frogs first and the betta later. Doing it the other opening arond increases the chance of aggression from the betta.

When stocking your reservoir keep surrounded by mind that a 'hex' tank have less space after a regular tank, and it's safer to treat it more approaching a 3 gallon tank.
Either run for a few frogs and 3 guppys
or a few frogs and a betta

Bettas and guppys are a bit iffy together sometimes because of the sometimes long finned, bright coloured guppys.

With a tank this size i would reccomend "cycling" it desire 3 zebra danios first, as long as you can find a home for them after a week or so if they survive it. this going and make sure the river is right when you add the frogs and fish
Bettas and guppies don't other get along because their physical similarity (flowy tails) can organize to territorial aggression and fin nipping. In your size cistern, I'd pick either one betta or 3-4 guppies, whichever you conjecture your nephew would like watching more. Bettas are pretty unproblematic to take caution of, except they are prone to fin rot with even the smallest problems near water cleanliness. So your nephew's parents would enjoy to be committed to keeping the tank totally clean. Bettas also require exceedingly soft decorations and plants, which aren't always glib to find in generous pet stores but can be easily purchased online. Be sure to cycle the reservoir before you put fish within (Google "fishless cycle"). I would start now to hopefully own the tank arranged for fish by Christmas.

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