5 times per hour sea turnover ample?

i am planning on building a indoor pond in my underground store. my plan is to build it 15'x10'x3' but only cram to about 2.5' so if i did my math right something like 2800 gallons. in a pond this size will 5x a hour turnover be plenty? more or less? my stocking plans so far are 2 florida gars, 1 longnose gar, 1 arowanna and 3 peacock bass. any body see any problems beside this? do you think i could append a knife and a tiger shovel muzzle cat?
Answers: I agree with greg somewhat. I get a feeling you'll find your Arowana on the ground at some point, but perchance not. The way I see it is resembling this. An indoor pond is a heck of alot similar then a container to it's natural enviroment. In spirit, it's not common to find Arowana on territory so this just might work. I do cogitate you're going to have issues next to peacock bass however. That's alot of space, and with lone three maybe it'll work out, freshly be on the look out for issues is all.

As far as your filtration go, to me that sounds reasonable ample. You've got a ton of space out nearby, and filtering the container capacity five times an hour, that's resourcefully over 10,000 gallons an hour, should be quite fine really. The hose down cycling through the filter really is to keep the nitrogen compounds oxidized, and you've in actuality got a pretty low bio nouns for a pond that size, so I am saying you'll be in recent times fine.

Yes I think you could donate a knife and catfish next to no problems at all.
your right the cistern will be 2800 gallons . But I think your going to requirement a turn over rate around 7 times per hour more would be better.
I also think you may want to rethink your stock document. arowanna jump and you may find it on the floor at some point.
The gar will probly put away the peacock bass.
I really think you may conclusion up sorry if you try this.

I think covering it beside plastic may slow down the gases trying exscape the sea and may cause a problem.

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