i ride my horse bareback all the time and the populace and my barn are always clich¨¦ its hard or alarming. i've always found it glib and never thought it was alarming. i jump around 3ft bareback and do trails and stuff.anyway, am i the singular one? everyone i ask is like wow i wouldnt do that...atleast everyone at the barn, and they other tell me to be careful(everyone should be around horses), but i'm without blemish fine! i think that alot of populace are worried because my horse is a 4y/o TB that likes to spook at reliable things and they think i'm 15 and shouldnt be riding a horse approaching that...bareback.
Answers: I have a 3 yr hoary TB and a 11 yr old TB and they are both without a flaw fine bareback is lots of fun galloping through the forest bareback and i submerge too and everyone at my barn says im insane! its nice to know im not insane and here are other people touch free to msg id love to hear almost your horse!!
What you do with your horse depends on your skills and how much you trust said horse. You probably only just have a really polite seat and can stick resembling glue to your horse. Most inhabitants have difficulty next to that. (I know I do!)

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