Box rest ?

Like I didn't have ample problems I now own Minstral on box rest with a bleak leg.
Problem is he's decided he doesn't want to munch through. He has a bit and I'm throwing the rest away. I'm swiftly running out of ideas to tempt him. He won't touch apples at the best of times and evidently I don't want to stuff him full of sugars.
Any suggestions ?
Answers: a horse on box rest shouldn't be on hard food anyway as knotty food should be used to supply energy that the horse uses when within hard work if he is not surrounded by work then the activeness Will build up and cannot be worked off ,this can head to azortaria, tye up . a horse on box rest should have access to right quality hay and fresh river. as for you problem of his field mate could you box the friend subsequent door for a couple of hours so your horse can relax and eat some hay.
mix surrounded by a scoop of sugar ably into his feed so it is sweet and damp the feed down near hot water so it is both thaw for the winter and soft+sweet to eat.also molasses works ably

this is for grain... otherwize hi-fibre hay is other a hit, and easy to chomp through even if a bit expensive
I pretty sure honey works, I know tons of people that used that on at hand horses when they had no appetite. ~HB2MH~

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