Any righteous thinking for making/ buying cheap fillers and 'scary' stuff for jump?

I want to know some things I can buy and make for 'fillers' for my jump and also, how do I build my own standards and where could I go and get cheap poles?
Answers: hay bales/straw pine needle ect.. silk flowers, the horses can't recount how cheap or ugly they are, so buy the stuff from the dollar/warehouse stores. barrels plastic or steel though the steel is heavier and don't tend to roll as much and they trade name louder noise when dirt or rock hit them... Plywood walls painted resembling stone or brick. you can make liverpools out of regular tarps laid beneath fences, you can sort an oxer and then drape a tarp over it to trade name it look solid (make sure it won't blow in the twirl, anchor it with groud poles), fall logs or railroad ties ect. It doesn't have to obtain expenisve, if you have a inbred ditch or stream on ur property set two railroad ties in front or aft it and tad-dah a new natural/event hindrance. As for plans google it or amazon it, there are tons and i do denote tons of books on building jumps both stadium and cross country type.
We craft our poles out of trees that fall within storms, or trees we cut down.
We also get some PVC poles at a construction/lumber type store fundamental here and cut them to whatver length we want.

For fillers, we go to a fabric/floral store or WalMart and receive plastic flowers and cheap plastic flower pots, fill the pots beside sand and stick in the flowers, later set them under/around the jumps.

We also build our own standards near some 2x4s and a 4x4. It's complicated to explain, but you make an X underside with the 2x4s and append the 4x4 on top. Those are just simple ones, but almost everyone at my barn rides in the main western. We use the jumps for a western speed event, and an occasional jump clinic.

Good luck!
Jump your horses over anything you can find that you can "nail down". The more unusual things you put them over the more confident you and the horse become.

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