Any showing tips?

Answers: make sure to be verbs cut and sharp looking. depending on what you will be showing in, the outfits will oscillate. for any hunt or jumping classes, sunburn (clean!) breeches, black or navy hunter jacket, collared blouse underneath, a angelic helmet is always essential, and some tall boots. (tall boots are in actual fact optional, you could wear short boots if you really needed, but tall boots look a short time cleaner.) for western pleasure, trail obstacle, or any western classes that are not speed classes, it is other good to own some bling! show shirts usually have lots and lots of sequins and rhinestones which IS a perfect thing. you want the arbiter to notice you. chap are always terrifically nice in western riding classes, also.
for showmanship classes it is predominantly the same as the riding attire for adjectives the disciplines. (except no chaps within showmanship.) you don't need fancy tack! only just as long as it's clean and presentable, it is fine! your horse is the one moving around the ring person judged! if you stipulation to know any more, let me know.
:) honourable luck
Neat and tidy. Always!! This means both horse and rider. I don't charge what the discipline. NO flopping hair, tack, clothing, numbers, NO mud, dirt, dirt, shavings or hay! Keep it clean... tack, clothing, horse. Have your horse properly clipped, bridlepath, ears, legs, whiskers, chin or body clipped if he is really hairy. Contact a local horse trainer who shows CLASS A shows not of late local and 4-H. 4-H is good, but a professional know how to get a touch extra polish done. It can be the difference between first and second. Go to class A shows and watch the classes, see who is victorious and go bargain to the trainers back at the barn. Watch until that time and after the show to see how horses are worked then ask question. Most trainers are willing to facilitate beginners. Good Luck!

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