What horse breed am I?

I stand about 13.2-15.2 hand

My neck is give or take a few the same length as the distance from my wither to my croup

I have a innate gait ability

I am a irregular breed of gaited horses

My main colors are cove, brown, black, and gray but I come in adjectives solid colors.

I am normally used for dairy farm work, endurance, trail riding, squad penning, troop roping, etc.

I descended from the early Spanish horses

The first one to answer correctly bring the 'best answer'!
Answers: Missouri Fox Trotter, Tennesee Walking Horse, and Florida Cracker.
Peruvian Paso? Andulusion?
Here goes---"Justin Morgan had a horse"
Fino Paso
the mustang
quarter horse
the galiceno horse
paso fino
Mister Ed?
Spanish Gaited? Paso Fino?
I'm not sure. :) I can't suppose a Paso doing team pen or roping, though lol.
Tenessee Walker
I didn't know horses could type.
Florida Cracker
never heard of it

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