A dishonest horse?

Anyone ever work with a horse you would consider to be dishonest, approaching doesn't follow normal horse behavior rules? If so how did you proceed near training? This guy will be an angel for a long time as in months, consequently decide to be a jolt completely out of the blue! You can never relax on him because you are never sure what kind of afternoon he's having!
Answers: Yes. Saddly I hold owned this kind of horse. I have him for 7 years and he never changed. You could never tell when he be about to explode. There be no "look" in his eye, he didn't put fund his ears, he didn't tense up... nought to warn me so I could correct him. After he be done and I had control, he be fine again... like you said, for months. I sold him to a cowboy to turn work cattle. The cowboy was "heavy-handed" but the horse seem to do better when he had an agressive duty. Hope this helps you to construct a good decission. Stay not dangerous.
Errors that cause horses to misbehave are usually cause by the rider 99% of the time. Work with him consistantly, on a shedule, and work through his blow ups.

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