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Hello, I have just this minute been looking for a riding arts school to ride at, I saw an advertisement for a riding arts school so went to own a look at it. It was a highly small yard beside simply 12 boxes and 2 riding mangers. That is all, no grass or field around it, just that squished onto in the order of half an acre of house. I thought that maybe the horse where on earth turned out in a paddock near by but not on the premises. On further investigation I found that the owners of the patio actually dont own any grass or other landscape for the horses to graze on and when I said "Where do they graze" the owner said that they are all purely let free into the riding manger 2 days a week. I dont know what you adjectives think but for me I reflect it is down right un natural for a horse to be working as much as they do- up to 8 hours a day- should own grass to graze on and stretch tere legs, could I file a complaint on this stable roughly how the horses are kept? Do I have any right- could I confront an authority? please please comfort...
Answers: Sometimes you have to agree to disagree beside someone else inthe horse industry. Just because someone does something differently than you or something your conscience would not allow you to do, doesn't mean its "wrong." Take into consideration of the undamaged picture, they dont graze or have a tolerate out time. They must be worked through lessons and riding, so they grasp their outside time in that process. As far as having no grass, this again is something that is to say just par for the course for some services, whether the case be that near is not enough pasture and it be overgrazed or their is just doomed to failure soil and they have concrete time growing it. Horses do quite resourcefully on other forage, such as coastal, timothy and alfalfa hay. There are state of the art supplements that are now manufactered that assist within the balance of such a horses lifestyle and living arrangement. This doesn't label these people unpromising trainers, horse handlers or doomed to failure people extent, as long as they are taking care of the horses vigour and well anyone by taking advantages of the alternatives that are available to them. I have well-educated that horses learn to really savour their stalls. Its like you loving your living room couch or your unforced chair. Its comfortable and they perceive safe surrounded by them. This makes for a beaming horse if they have the right nutrition.

Don't lose sleep over this situation, I know it can be straightforward to do. If you don't like the appearance of their facility or the method the tend to their animals just don't travel back and waste to be involved in their company. If the horses show signs of poor nutrition and are you hold a gut feeling they are self neglected, by all manner you should report them to your local ASPCA or Humane Society.

Happy Trails... Think this over thoroughly before you breed a rash ruling. Do what is right in your heart. I hope this help you.
unless there is actual mistreatment later there is nil that can be done. i worked at a prestigous yard 9and know of frequent others... and these are training and breeding yeards not riding yards) that the horses do not leave their boxes unless mortal worked. this is apprently (although cruel to you and me) quite typical. there is zilch you can do

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