How do I receive my horse to outdo by other horses?

So I don't have a fenced-in nouns or room for a fenced-in area at my house, so I ride down dirt roads close to my house. There is a small farm fundamental my house that has two horses contained by the front pasture. My horse can usually go by one instrument without calling them out or stopping, but on the channel back, she call to them then go up to the fence and won't turn around to jump home. When I ask her to move she usually picks up her front legs and pivots around on her hindquarters. It takes a long time to acquire her to do what I want her to do and it gets really frustrating.
Answers: Is it possible that these other horses are geldings or stallions? You might be breaking up a potential love contest, or at least within her eyes! Horses are social animals and if you don't have another one at home for her to buddy up next to, she is going to of course soar at the chance for some socialization. It's one of the copious reasons why you will see a solitary horse turned out next to a donkey or mule of some stature, gives them a buddy. If that doesn't work but you are inclined to have another equine mouth to nurture, look into a rescue organization that may enjoy an elderly or unsound horse that would be a great pasture buddy for your girl. Usually the pasture sound solitary horses are free or have a exceedingly small donation attached to them.

If that isn't an option, transport her past here as much as possible and perhaps even ask this neighbor if it would be possible to mitt graze her near the barricade so she will feel similar to proper introductions have be made and it won't be a new and foreign item when you go chronological anymore.
Is your horse the only horse you own? Or is she alone, in need any other horses with her? If so, she could basically get excited going on for seeing other horses. When my mare refuses to travel forward, I just turn her within really tight circles. once to the left and afterwards once to the right, and then i push her forward beside my legs. normally that is to say enough. but if she still refuse, then dance back and do the circles twice instead of once, later move her forward. if she still refuses, simply keep increasing the amount of circles. Another picking is to walk her by while you are ascendant her on the ground. do it more than once and if she stops, turn her in really tight circles. Or you could bring back off and lounge her on the ground contained by a smaller circle. If she wants to turn one course, make her turn the other instrument using your legs and reins. Dont pull her contained by the direction she is going unless you told her to do that. She needs to think through that you are in control and if she requirements to turn in circles, after you make her do around 5 the opposite direction and afterwards 5 in the other direction. Eventually she will come to swot that you are in control and she is not supposed to stop when she desires to. These circles may take a bit, but it is totally worth it when you no longer hold to worry in the region of her stopping to talk beside the other horses. I know some people may be dead set against the use of riding crops(whips) and spurs, but if she is still refusing to move about forward, try using one or both of those tools. I am not saying to overpower the snot out of her, but just use them surrounded by that area. she will come to cram that spot near the paling is unpleasent and will avoid stoping there and cause you so much trouble. I hope some of these exercises help you and i aspiration you luck with your horse! Happy trails!
she could be lonesome win off and totter her by a few times and see if next time that help
you need to be firm near what you want, you cannot let her control you. when she tries to ignor your directions you inevitability to make sure you are looking the method you want to go, save your leg on, and move your reins so that you block her neck from bulging any way. if these are followed correctly later you should have an easier time getting her by. if she get really ignorant you enjoy to resort to a whip on the bum as resourcefully. just pallid taps should do the trick.
If you sense something is coming up, similar to a car coming, horses coming to the barrier, whatever, start within advance getting her attention by lifting up on the reins, speaking to her, using your legs...usually, if you capture a horse's mind on you, you have things pretty much underneath control. as they have a one track mind, and easier to control that path. Be firm and persistant and consistant, the most important things to remember surrounded by any situation with a horse or any other animal...hope this help, good luck

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