What is the smallest type of sports car that can yank a horse trailer w/ horse?

We currently have a Buick Rendezvous, would this be strong satisfactory to pull a trailer? We want a much smaller motor, but would it be able to draw my horse?

Happy New Years thanks
Answers: A mid sized coup¨¦ can do just fine. However you will inevitability to get a flimsy weight trailer and enjoy brakes attached to the trailer and wired correctly to the car. That technique an electronic brake system. That way it is not you motor stopping the trailer. You will also have to enjoy a manual as the extra towing will burn out an automatic nouns. This is done all the time contained by Europe. You can ask PH about that.

That said, I would be in motion up to an S-10 or other small pickup. They are geared better for it and have better transmissions. It is still advisable to catch a manual within any but the full sized pickups and SUV's. And still get the master controller for the brakes. The axle on the trailer can be changed over, if you can not find one beside the brakes on them.
I have see a ford pinto pulling a 2 horse trailer with one mule within it.

The pinto was lovely painted beside about 40 can of Rustoleum and the horse trailer 3 shades, 2 blues and rust.

The mule rocked...

Would I ever remotely think of doing this?? Heck no...

That trailer could confidently overtake the car. I own seen flat bed of lesser cargo send cars into pig tailing on corners.

There is no route your car can stop a trailer close to that.

The safest thing, if you truely love your horse is zilch less than an SUV or 1/2ton truck and a 2 h trailer.
Personally I wouldnt use anything smaller, and if anything I might want a larger suv. Dont want to enjoy problems on a hill or something next to your horse in the trailer.

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