My First REAL Horse Show. HELP?

Ok, I have an ottb , 16.1 cove, I am riding him in his first show on Saturday. I enjoy only done one show and that be a gymkhana when I was 11. I entail tips for my show, I am pretty sure I am going to do English, walk trot. I would similar to to do western, but my horse doesnt neck rein all the same and i have no clue what to do surrounded by wester
Answers: ok. well im in truth at a show this weekend! heres some tips!

~get sleep! you want to be rested for your big day!
~be prepared the hours of darkness before! you dont want to forget something contained by the morning!
~be a good sport! if you dont procure a ribbon, be happy and cheer on friends! theres other the next event!
~if your running tardy, ask someone for extra help!
~keep a rota of the show, and always listen to know what class theyre on!
~check next to your trainer when to get in position for your next class
~be verbs and professional.. make sure your hunt coat's verbs and your breeches are fitting you well, and your boots dont hold mud all over them!
~make sure you hold enough time formerly and after the show to groom your horse and make sure hes verbs!
~warm up before every class to generate sure your prepared and know your horse isnt gonna be crazy, and practice your equitation!
~lunge your horse if you know that sometimes he acts up!
~thank your parents! they be the ones that made it possible!
~ask your trainer if you could jump a few jump before you walk in and rear around!
~be polite to everyone at the horse show! they are the ones helping you and you'll go far when you are nice to ancestors helping you! especially if your the one missing your glove and your going in the ring surrounded by 2 minutes! [its happened to me!]

I hope my hints help and good luck at your show!
im 11 and ive be riding for 3 years and hunter jumper showing for 2 years! its really fun! and I hope you hold a great time doing it too!
wow... well if u havn't taken programme just remember to sit up nice and strait and hold your heels down. Also even if it is a smaller show wear proper riding gear (approved helment, riding boots, ect.) also make sure you are keeping a nice tight rein. Just save confident and always smile. (even if u dont win alot rebians remember it be your first horse show for both you AND your horse!

And if you want to learn how to do western lately go to your local riding centers and see if they ride western! GOOD LUCK!
sit put a bet on! keep your pave the way up make sure your going slow!
Practice standing up on the horse, while your horse is riding. Then turn around on your horse, next turn back. Next try to bring in your horse do a big jump. Last for your big finish do three big jump.
A show isn't the first place to practice something new. Its a place to show your skills and unblemished them in an arena atmosphere.

You have need of to take programme first in western since ever attempting it in a show situation.

Its not reasonable to the other riders, if you blow your pattern, can't turn your horse and are cause disruptions with their rides because your horse isn't trained to it.

Just a suggestion...

Edit---- later hun rephrase your question, you purely said your horse didn't know western and neck reining, its not a rocket scientist post ok??

From: brilliantcoo

Subject: Horse Show

Message: Ive be riding for 7 yrs, Im doing English, Im not practicing something new, the horse know how to walk and trot. Im going to grasp him use to show atmosphere. You have no clue what my horse know so you don't need to be relating me I shouldnt show because my horse knows zilch. This is my first ENGLISH show, Ive ridden English for 5 yrs, western for two. I've never even SEEN a western show, but I know how to ride western
Going to a horse show when you do not know what you are really doing and are not sure what classes you are going to enter, it would be a large misuse of money and time. I would recommend taking some lessons next to a professional after deciding what you really want to do.

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