Mario and Yoshi Costume?

I was going to take home my horse a pegasus for a costume contest. But i figured it would be 100x10 cuter if we be Mario and Yoshi. I really want to make it cute. I can sew things and form things very efficiently so give me your philosophy on how i can do a costume. THANKSS.
Answers: I think if you could find a green (not hunter green though) sleaze hood and go well together sleaze blanket , a red bareback pad and fashion a tail out of matching textile or even a matching tail sack. for Yoshi's manager ontop of the sleaze hood use a flymask that you have painted matching color green and paint large eyes on it. a moment ago be careful not to compress in the mesh holes:) down the mane I don`t know adhere some red feel triangles for yosi's "spikes" Also make some "leggings of impossible to tell apart material and put red bell boots on him:)For mario I'd wear blue overalls , a red long sleeve shirt , and find a solid red baseball sunhat. If you're good at crafting which you already stated you be:) make the mario emblem from fewlt and cement to cap... you could even find a red and washed out cape to be "SUPER MARIO" conceivably even carry a small case of apples since that was Yosi's "treat" hehehehe hope this one help
Here is my list: Unicorn, dragon, or yoshi!
sounds adorable!! I say-so pegasis, though.
well i would first put red bell boots on after green leg coverings forgot what they are called a green body suit buton or velcrow green feathey tail and a yoshi fly cloak
for mario i would do red halph chaps blue boots red horse backbone riding leggings red suit shirt re4d helmet ad spine up

hope i helped u guys are going 2 look great

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