Are Horse shoes on horses an disadvantage on desert sand?

Answers: They wouldn't serve any great purpose unless they were needed for other reason but they wouldn't cause any disadvantage. They might fling a moment or two more into the air when the hoof leaves the ground. The cargo would have no effect at adjectives, the leg has the solidity of the Horse pressing it into the sand the few ounces of the shoe are nothing by comparison so that they would suddenly sink contained by. And a properly fitted shoe allows for the natural expansion of the hoof on landing which seem to be a forgotten fact lately.
I dont enjoy a clue.

I think it would be at a disadvantage because the horseshoe would put far more immensity on the horses hooves, and maybe cause them to push their legs into the sand. Thats when horses panic and break things.
most liekly because they are so weighted
u dont really see race arabs from egypt wearing them

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