Good Ideas for a More Balanced Seat.?

Just wondering what are some good design to help a rider own a better more balanced form. I know bareback riding is one really good style...but are there any suitable exercises or anything else you guys have done to support keep you contained by shape for the days you are not riding? Thanks!!
Answers: Get lunge lessons. Bareback is not other the best way to bring about a balanced form since you can learn unpromising habits from clutching to stay on.

Lunge module without stirrups are fantastic for research to feel the horses movement and to control the horse simply near your back and hips. Lunge as normally as you can, walk trot and canter - even advanced riders obligation this!
Riding without stirrups (but not sitting, posting and two point). Also, my trainer have us ride at a posting trot with stirrups and every four strides alteration our diagonal but not by sitting two beats but by standing two beat and it helps because you really own to control your body. -- Hope this helps and Good Luck!

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