Help! my horse charges and comes into the middle when I lunge him?

I have a 6-year-old Morgan hunter pleasure gelding. He other has a ton of get-up-and-go, and I usually lunge him before our rides. He used to be okay when I asked him to start going first path (to the left) but when I stopped him and tried to turn him around he refused and would charge me and half-rear and stamp his foot. Recently, he's been refuse to go first direction too. He will stern me into the wall of the round pen and if I try to move towards his shoulders he spins and faces me. I'm 15 and this make me nervous. I've tried asking him to pay for and I use a whip when trying to draw from him out of the middle but it doesn't help. I have to stop and have my trainers finish lunging him the concluding 3 times so I didn't get hurt. Is nearby anyway I can gain his respect on the lunge again? How can I keep him from spinning contained by the middle and coming at me so I don't get hurt and he doesn't bring as angry?
Answers: Don't be afraid to use the three second rule! When a horse deliberately does something dodgy give yourself three second to in John Lyons lingo "try to kill it near anything I can get my hand on". Not literally of course, but do not be afraid to throb such a horse if he/she tries that. The truth is this is probably why your trainers have no trouble. Not that they vanquish it but that the horse knows it will be struck if it tries something resembling that.

This is not abuse. It is merely horse dialogue for 'you will not attack me! I am your superior!' It is essential that your horse understands this. Have your trainers on appendage for this lesson. To make sure you are not hurt. But educate your horse respect or get rid of it. If you capture rid of it make sure he go to someone who will teach it respect! Otherwise you or someone else will get hold of hurt. Stop thinking a horse will not intentionally hurt a human. I have see them try to kill! Such behavior should NEVER be tolerated!
he palpably doesn't respect you. if your trainers can longe him, he just doesn't respect you. try some organic horsemanship...or just plain bring back him OUT of your space. he sees himself as the "bigman"

don't tolerate him do that. get lend a hand from your trainers to make sure you're longeing properly.
It sounds close to you might have to final to the beginning beside him and try and get the respect that stops a horse from misbehaving. It sounds similar to he doesn't have a large amount of patience, so you might enjoy to hobble him and after that tie -him up for awhile. Once you've done that a couple of times it might pay to put the rollers on within the round yard so you can turn his organizer away from you if he looks like he's gonna repeat his previous whereabouts.

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