Wintec saddle?

Im thinking of getting a wintec 500 all purpose saddle. Im 105lbs, more or less 5ft3 and pretty skinny. What size do you think I would have need of, iv never used one so im not familliar with how thier sizes run.
Answers: My guess is probably just about a 16 or 16.5. BUT - see if you can take it from the store and try it on your horse. Have your trainer look at it, generate sure it fits your horse, then keep watch on you ride in it. It may be a great fit for you, or it may not be. You inevitability a 2nd opinion on the saddle. Your trainer will be capable of determine whether it's a good fit for both you and your horse.
I would utter probably a 16". I am 110 lbs, 5'3" and I used to own one and i was a 16" and it fit me great.

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