What is a Hunterpace?
Answers: The only defination of Hunterpace that I know is
A hunter stride is a form of competition involving horses and riders. In a hunter pace a trail is explicit for horse and rider to follow. On the day of the competition, impulsive in the morning, the host of the event convey an experienced horse and rider to ride the trail as fast as it is without risk possible to do so. This morning ride is called "the unmoving body run", and it establishes two things:

1. that the trail is clear and safe for the competitors
2. The "step time"
The pace time is the great time to safely but at full tilt ride the set trail. When the competitors arrive they send out team of two or three to ride the trail. Checkpoints set along the ride ensure that the riders are staying on course and are not overworking their horses. Each group of riders is timed, and the group to come closest to the pace time win the competition.

I'm going on one this weekend, its 7 miles and has two checkpoints, this one you can dress up and have differen't classes!
It is also known as a paperchase. In short language it's basically a timed trailsometimes near xcountry jumps and instigate fields sometimes beside other oen horses or cows roaming. and it has two to three check points (to trademark sure you did the whole thing) They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! horses usually love it too because they can run free. I get fourth and first in them until that time. they are SOOOOO much fun!

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