My oilskin Aussie Outback coat smells musty , how do I clean it?

It was stored contained by the back of a closet contained by the barn and now it smells appallingly musty and I cant wear it . Does any one know how to wash them? Its the full length duster brand. I sprayed it with a hose but it did nought even after hanging it surrounded by the sun for days.
Answers: Go ahead and wash it, I did mine, using your regular wash soap, just don't use hot sea, it will retain a good bit, if not adjectives of the water proofing. I found that the heat of the water, a bit than the washing soap itself, it what messes up the waterproofing. Try using straight cold river the first time, don't dry in the dryer, hanger dry outside...when it is completely dry, next see if it still has that musty smell, if so, crank up the wet temp to warm, not hot and try it probably won't hold to do that, cold will probably take consideration of it.
Well,youve done my first suggestion - hosing it down and leaving out within the sun.
My next suggestion is to pick up a bottle of detergent i.e. used on items like full form leather breeches - I believe Dover & Stateline sells the product.Strong satisfactory to get rid of the mustiness & wont incentive harm to the objects.I would use those products or even a blanket detergent used on things like rainfall sheets.
Eww..I feel your headache,Ive stuffed stuff in my tack trunk,lone to be found at the beginning of the subsequent show season - eewww.
Good Luck
I washed mine and it completely stripped it but it's the just way to gain rid of the smell. You then own to re-waterproof it and make sure you really turn over all the seam - it's a pain within the butt and in perception, it would have be better just to draw from a new one. Another spur-of-the-moment alternative would be to spray the hell out of the lining next to Febreeze.

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