Which is Safer? Western Riding or English Riding?

Why I'm Asking:
Ok. I am currently riding english but last Sunday (Nov. 25. 2007) During my riding lesson I lost my one of sturrips get thrown up on to Scooby's (the horse I ride for lessons) neck ,he go into a gallop because he got freaked, and I stumble head first.
I be unconious for about15 sec. and was apparently screaming while lieing on the ground (I don't Remember) Apparently they help walk me over to a stool ( I don't remember that either).

Note: my helmet (the vizer part up to 1/4 up the crown) (costed $60+only 4mnths old) broke an I enjoy to get a topical one.

We went to the ER ( emergancy room) and Turns out I get a mild concousion ( swelling in the brain / for those you can;t read my spelling)

Cause for asking:
My parents want me to switch over to western because they construe its safer and less canter.

I love Riding all together espeisally jump. I'm not sure its that much safer.

If it is or if it's not can you please tell me why
Answers: Either one can be terrifying.accidents surface no matter how resourcefully you try to avoid them. Things you can do are: wear helmet, only ride out of danger horses, keep surrounded by good conditions, and pray! Hopefully you'll regain your confidence and save enjoying horses!
Neither one is safer. It adjectives depends what you do. You canter on a western horse to so. Just pick which style you prefer better

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