Anybody enjoy a barn dress code?

at my barn, we have a dresscode. to enter the ring, adjectives riders must have on breeches (side closure for ladies), tall boots or leather partly chaps next to matching leather padocks boots (all boots shined), a polo shirt tucked contained by with a belt leather belt contained by the summer and in the winter adjectives riders must wear a nonbulky black jacket (we all wear black underarmor to avoid extra bulk, and if the jacket is not black later you need a black closure up with no hood), hairnets beside hair tucked into helmet, and black leather gloves. this other sounds extreme to people but i hold not come across a AA show barn in the nouns that does not have a strict dress code. so i be wondering what kind of dresscodes they enjoy around the country or around the world, if any.

thanks :)
Answers: My barn dress code is do not enter beside good clothes on if you expect to hike out the same route.
I haven't had a dress code since college - white breeches, high-ceilinged boots with garters, white collared shirt, convoy tie, navy v nouns sweater. I always wore jeans over my breeches though until I have to either ride or dance into a class. Just not comfortable strolling around campus with breeches clinging tight to my butt.

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