Are these well-mannered bloodlines?
Answers: I personally chew over he has terribly nice alla round bloodlines. Skipper W , Two Eyed jack , Top Deck , hancock... all these poster up to (atleast pedigree wise) a very other balanced resourcefully bred horse. He's got speed (Top Deck) , Cutting and perfomance (Two Eyed Jack) , Halter and observation (Skipper W) and more coe sense and foundation ability near the hancock blood. He also traces back to Plaudit who be another AQHA racing champ , also midnight but another champ. Going by pedigree alone i like this horse's blood. He shoudl be capable of do just roughly speaking anything. Now if you also had pictures it would support b/c then we could also pass judgment based on conformation... but similar to I said going by bloodlines I think he's nice. And while his blood is somewhat adjectives, it also isn't. It's getting harder (at least within TN) to find Two Eyed Jack , Moon Deck bloodlines. Skipper W abounds here contained by TN as does Three Bars but the Three Bars is so promient here b/c a guy in Portland owns the LAST living son of Three Bars. He's weak and rarely get bred anymore but he's got other sons that hold helped put Three Bars contained by place so prominently here.

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